Convergence of journalism and technological culture

Journalism as a profession converges into technology and culture in aspects of media and forming an opinion to the public. It relates to technology because every journalist must be able to work with computers, cameras and everyday smart phones for latest updates and quicker interactions. Most journalist use technology to widespread media, using accounts such as: (Twitter, Facebook and social streaming) which enables them to spread and consult others opinions on different news topics the fastest way possible.  I embrace the fact that digitizing news media will be the trend of the future “network theory is to investigate how different actors negotiate and ultimately shape the manner in which the Internet and related digital technologies are embedded in the newsroom”.


Whether social media is displayed in a constant stream online or is read to people by other viewers, the presence of social media is easily felt. Seeing how traditional media consumption was mostly through television, radio and print news. Times have changed there are various types of tablets and smart phones that have conformed out society which was a major change from 10-15 years ago.  For example: (taking the bus to work, you can now get your updated morning news on the way with a simple app on the smart phone).

Journalism also shapes our culture because the population of that origin will be depending on journalist for latest updates and news. Media gives the people something to encounter and look forward to because it shapes our society of what people know and believe, so when technology comes into play it makes mass media a lot easier. Journalists are committed and in charge of going out to get important stories that relate or affect the population surrounding, for example: (If a crime in the area takes place and is reported by a journalist, it makes the community aware of the actions taken place and gives the public incite on information they want and need to hear).

Having technology and more advanced digital media coming out every year means different ways to spread new ideas and information which forms our cultural society.

Specific information and organizational purposes lurk journalist’s views and sayings, it is important that the viewers or presenters of the journals be intrigued by the topics by the news or broadcasting coming out. Print media is beginning to decline, with that given, it becomes a bigger responsibility for journalists and different news papers to accept and excel in digital media which gives them a better opportunity to have their story spread to the adult and youth to aware the nation of possible important information. When a nation has reliable sources and technology to view them, it creates a feeling where the public can feel safe and rely on their sources for important notifications for everyday use in the community or country.

“Results show that journalism cultures in different countries are basically different but share some similarities in the perception of the institutional roles and objectivity in news-making”.  Journalism affects every nation in the same way, they all have a responsibility to stay updated and tackle problems for the better of the society doing so with the help of new digital electronics to enhance their ways of doing so, and giving the people a chance to form opinions that allow them to include comments that shape the society they live in.


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