how ugc is used in journalism.

As a future journalist Trans media story telling becomes a major component in our professional fields in aspects of helping interactive narration come to life and to publicize the description. Both UGC and Trans media story telling are used by journalists; I believe that UGC is used repeatedly because blogs and social networking are methods of communication. User generated content is defined as being able to publish self-work or community. YouTube was one of the famous internet outlets that were based on self-broadcasting which is an element of UGC. Local journalists use a great deal of generated content, journalists in the 21st century are all capable and aware that social media and blogs are highly accessed by the public, that being the main reason why journalists create them. Many organizations such as the BBC channel have UGC teams, which indicates the importance of generated content because it has the capacity to influence purchase decisions, brand affinity and brand loyalty. The benefits of using UGC are at tremendous; it increases user engagement and user communication by allowing the audience or users to have an input on topics of issue. Also, people want to be able to comprehend what others thoughts are on products and services, thus giving UGC the capability of creating a great audience for online blogs or broadcasting. There are many upsides to using or creating UGC, it could be used as a marketing strategy such as BBC news has by revealing news or comments, which refer to how efficient a product on the market, would be. The biggest form of generated content is social media. Social media connects users in many ways, by diversifying UGC on the Internet it gives the people a greater grasp of information on what they are looking into whether it be online products or a news articles.



What UGC offers to the public is when someone visits your sight or blog it gives them an insight of your thoughts and experiences with in the field of your topic. In this case I have referred it to journalism, majority of journalist now a days adopt the generated content approach because it helps them spread their point across or issues. It comes in great favour of the media to use such tools that escalate the issue to the public for their thoughts and concerns.  UGC is straight forward which people can relate to, by giving these options on social media it allows the public to inform them selves about products or current events and be able to read reviews from others first hand which tend to be a bigger advantage to the public, rather than them believing the advertising of such themselves. Many people including journalists are supported by generated contents, it helps them be aware of direct influences and enhances their thoughts on politics or materialistic objects whereas if social media hadn’t existed such as Facebook and blogs it would be difficult to receive honest advertisement of objects or customer reviews.  In conclusion the importance of user generated content on a political or marketing standpoint is its capacity to influence purchase decisions and at a consumers point of view it represents the new radically defined constitutes value of the consumer.  



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